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If a prediabetes diagnosis has caught you by surprise, you're not alone...

It's estimated that 1 out of every 3 people in the US alone suffer from this condition. But what's more surprising? Most of us who have it don't know it!

Rapidly becoming the next health epidemic, prediabetes is a condition where blood sugar (glucose) levels are higher than normal. Putting one at a high risk for developing type 2 diabetes - a disease with no cure.

But there's a bit of good news here...

You can choose to think of prediabetes as a kind of grace period.  A point in the timeline of this progressive disease when there's still a chance for you to make changes & reverse course.

Once things progress to full blown type 2 diabetes, you've missed the window of opportunity. And the rest of your life could be spent managing a disease with no cure.

You've got to act now!

Prediabetes is reversible. I know because I once stood in your shoes and reversed mine.

Let me ask you a question.

When your doctor told you that your blood sugar levels were high, did you leave the appointment feeling sure of your next move? Confident in your ability to pull off major diet + lifestyle changes?

I can tell you that's not what I felt. I FREAKED out!

(read my story here!)

I'll save you all the drama - but lets just say I’ve had meltdowns that could rival any a kid could throw. I've asked 'how could this happen to me' and blamed my parents for giving me crappy genes.

And I'm here to tell you that in the end, the only thing that works is to say goodbye to your old taste buds and embrace a new way of eating + living.

Because you need to take prediabetes seriously!

I quickly figured out that prediabetes is something you need to act on immediately. You can't put it off until tomorrow. You must start today!

I know because I’ve successfully reduced my blood sugar levels from prediabetic to normal range. And kept them there.

And I’ve done it using the food on my fork and adding regular exercise to my days.

Was it easy?

That depends on what you consider easy. It required attention, new knowledge, and a really big dose of motivation.

But mainly it demanded I give up any idea that someone else was going to fix this for me...

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Now, you could take another path and swallow prescription drugs...

But unless you change what you're eating & how you're moving your body, the drugs are just a bandaid. 

And your condition can continue to worsen while you miss your window of opportunity.

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Take these 5 action steps and get headed in the right direction.

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For starters, you'll want to get a blood test. 

There are no clear symptoms of prediabetes, so, you may have it and not know it (in this case ignorance is NOT bliss).

A simple A1C blood test will reveal it. This test measures your average blood glucose for the past 2 to 3 months. And is the primary test used by health care professionals to make the diagnosis.

The A1C blood test is important for another reason. It's critical to know what your average blood sugar levels are now. This gives you a baseline number so you can monitor your progress in the future.

Your health care professional can give you the blood test or you can order a home test kit at www.walkinlab.com and get started today!

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Bottom line? It matters what you eat

Diet plays a BIG part in controlling prediabetes and is a main factor in its cause.

The American diet - full of too much salt, fat, sugar and calories and too little nutrients from fresh whole fruits and vegetables - plays a key role. 

In fact, changing to a whole foods based, low carbohydrate diet, along with other key lifestyle changes has been shown to reverse the condition.

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But this is where you'll want to do some studying. Because conflicting information is everywhere.

Plus everyone's body is different when it comes to processing food and building health.

A great place to learn more about prediabetes and diet is in the book Blood Sugar Solutions, by Mark Hyman MD. 

This easy to use book will give you the right foods to eat. So you'll know what foods to ditch and which to keep on the pantry shelf.

And it's packed with solid information about prediabetes. So you can make better choices more often.

Bottom line? It matters what you eat!

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Let's not underestimate how BIG your change will be

Any big change in life can be made a whole lot easier when you've got a support network around you.

Especially if you want to succeed!

So grab your fork and meet me at the Prediabetes Cafe - my FREE Facebook group where we're using our forks to create our healthy future.

Trying to pass on the pasta - again? We feel ya!

Spending too much time in the kitchen cooking? Got ya covered.

We're hell bent on sharing what we cook, how we eat and what we've learned.

And there's always room at the table for you.

Click here and join us at the Prediabetes Cafe and get the support you need!

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It isn't enough to just change your diet....you need to move your body, too

Did I mention that it's not enough to just make dietary changes?

You'll also need to start moving your body. 

How much exercise do you need?

Health experts recommend 150 minutes of brisk movement each week.

That's a brisk 30 minute walk five times a week. Or a brisk 15 minute walk to or from work 10 times a week. You get it.

The point is you'll want to become more active.

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When you exercise, your body uses more glucose, helping to lower your blood sugar level.

That's a good thing.

If this seems like a stretch for you, start small and add more movement to your day in other ways. But make it your goal to improve.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk in place
during T.V. commercial breaks. Choose the space farther from the store in the parking lot. Anything that gets you moving helps!

prediabetes game plan

Sooner or later you're gonna need a plan...

To stick with your new food plan, you'll need a strategy.

Because you're going to find that eating a preD friendly diet requires more thought, more time and more preparation for each meal.

And there will be days my friend,  when all of this becomes VERY overwhelming!

To make matters even worse, you're going to need to follow these lifestyle changes for the rest of your days...

(don't cry sweetie, I've got your back!)

Now it is possible to figure this out on your own. But you'll spend tons of time researching, studying & experimenting. 

And unless you've got backup and support - it's a lonely walk.

Or you can save yourself valuable time & effort with my Real Food Formula

  • key foods to stock in your pantry & fridge 

  • how to make quick meals when you're short on time

  • the make or break habit that can determine success

  • easy meal making tricks to help you save time 

My 5 point Real Food Formula is designed to give you a solid foundation to build on. And a system for simplifying food prep & creating healthy meals.

So you can begin to turn things around while there's still time!

Don't let prediabetes get the best of you. Get started with my Real Food Formula today!