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Why you need to get REAL with your food


Why you need to get REAL with your food

Do you even remember it?

You know, the kind that didn’t make you fat or lead to bad health.  The kind that was grown to actually nourish you. And taste good. 

The kind you were meant to eat. 

Hi. I’m Tess Hoke, founder of YardFood.  

I’m here to show you new places to find your groceries.

And new things to call your groceries.

And help you see why it matters to your life.

But before we get into all of that, let me just tip my hat to you. A fellow human being living life on planet earth. 

With dreams and goals not that much different than my own.

How do I know?

Because of our biology. 

Your dreams and goals, no matter where they originate, require one important thing from you. It’s a truth so well known it’s often overlooked. The goals you’ve set or the dreams you hold close to your heart can only happen if you take care of one little thing.


You must take care of your physical self.

To do that you must be careful about the things you put into it. Namely, your food.

Simple, right?

Think about it. Nobody wants to spend their time gimping around in a body that doesn’t feel well or work right. And that goes for our heads, too.  

We have to take care of our physical self in order to manifest our ideas about the world and the things we’d like to create and experience.

Which brings us back to YardFood. 

And those dreams of yours.

Follow me into the backyard and I’ll show you why YardFood is the holy grail. It’s the place where science and mystery come together. 

It’s the answer to what ails you. It’s the hope for what is yet to come.

Learn for yourself and then pay it forward. Share it with your friends, your family, the next generation. Change the world - we need it now more than ever.  

Join me for regular updates and get the ideas you need to grow your own groceries.