Grow your salad!

Let me know if you've been here...

You know when you join a challenge and pledge to do something for days & transform yourself into AMAZING?

And you sign up for those daily "notes" to your inbox that seem like such a good idea in the beginning...

Until by day 5 you're so far behind you feel like giving up?

Well, this challenge has just one (yep, you heard that right)

Just one simple step up to the plate moment.

Just one.

Here's how it works...

  • Next time you go shopping pick up a packet of your favorite lettuce seeds
  • Rummage in your garage for a garden pot or container about 12 inches in diameter
  • Fill with soil & scatter seeds according to packet directions & pledge to grow your salad greens
  • When greens are 2" tall, clip entire crop & regrow again 

That's it.

No drama, no guilt, no regrets. Just yummy salad!

You in?

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Why your veggie starts died...

And what you can do to fix it next time.

Ok, we've all been there. 

That oops moment when we see there's something wrong with the veggie starts growing in the windowsill.

Very wrong.

Like, they're dead kind of wrong. (yep, that's pretty wrong)

Ok. You didn't mean to do it, and nobody is going to think you're a meanie or anything, but dang!

Not only was it a waste of time & effort on your part - but the garden still needs to be planted if you're going to grow your groceries. 

Take a deep breath, and if you've still got time to try again, follow the suggestions below. 

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3 Tricks for Easy Meal Prep

It happens every day.

To everyone.

After a hectic day of work, kids & household to do’s.

And it makes itself known with those three little words we've all heard before....

What’s for dinner?


If your family looks to you for a response -  and you’re always searching for answers - I’ve got ya covered.

Here’s my 3 favorite tricks for always having an easy meal right up your sleeve!

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