how to make apple cider vinegar

How to make apple cider vinegar (and why you should)


Apple cider vinegar

You might know it by name, but do you invite it to dinner? Regularly?

(SPOILER ALERT - ACV is a rock star when it comes to high blood sugar)

Reliable research shows that vinegar, especially homemade vinegar, can help your body avoid spikes in blood sugar at mealtimes.  

Good to know.

Especially if you're one of the growing number of people who find themselves with a high blood sugar condition called prediabetes. And with figures like 1 out of 3 people with the disease, it is quickly becoming the next public health crisis.

(I should know - I'm one of those three. You?)

But that's another blog post....

Today, let's focus on the homemade vinegar part of the research findings. Because homemade vinegar is the best kind to put on your spoon! 

Whether you use it for salad dressings & sauces, or make a fizzy tonic worthy of any pre meal ritual, ACV is your friend!  

Here's a quick class that shows you how simple it is to make your own.

Want more?

I'm always happy to share what I know - so it's easier to add more real food to your busy life.

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