#1 Tool to help you eat better more often

You may not know this, but...there's something in your back pocket that can help you eat better more often. 

Because let's face it - most of us should eat better...and don't. Until we have a health scare or the springs on the bathroom scale break. 

Before I reveal your tool for better eating, let's get clear on what I mean by eating better more often.

Let's start with real food.

Basically, I mean food that is as close to how it came out of the ground (or the cow or chicken) as possible. It also means fresh food - like veggies & fruits. And whole foods like grains & nuts.

If you're hunting & gathering from down the supermarket isle, keep an eye on the ingredient lists. We're looking for the bagged, boxed or canned item to have just a few ingredients - three or less. And if you're having trouble pronouncing any of them, chances are you'll want to pass.

But filling a shopping cart with your favorite real food items is only half the trick. Now you have to chop, grate, slice & mince. Not to mention season. And cook.

It is SO much easier to call for takeout.

Ready for the #1 Tool to help you stay committed & motivated to real food?

It's you! Your body is the tool you use to create your life.

Every bite of food you swallow becomes part of you. The part that makes your lungs breath, or your heart beat. The part that connects the thoughts that zip around in your brain & ignite your passions. 

It's called your biology & it requires real food to work right.

It's not a lot different than your car. Put bad gas in the tank & things will start to run rough. Keep filling it with the same bad fuel & things will eventually stop working. You'll have to eventually get a new car.

Unfortunately for you, you can't easily replace your biology.

But there's another part of you thats even more of a tool to help you eat better more often. 

It's your inner you.

Your why.

The reason you're motivated to dream your dreams. Or answer the call of your soul. You know, the deep stuff.

This part of you is going to be very good to know when the reality of real food starts to kick in. That's when having a strategy to navigate the mealtime waters is going to be SO helpful.

So I created a free download for you. My Real Food Formula is part of a mealtime strategy that can help you eliminate stress & simplify food prep. 

So your mealtimes are enjoyable & delicious.

Grab your FREE copy of my Real Food Formula and get started today!

Bon Appetite!