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Why YardFood

Let’s start at the beginning.  

Everybody has ideas about the way things are. Each of us has a perspective that influences the way we think, see and act in the world. It’s what makes us unique and gives us our own fingerprint on the journey through life.

Then there are the things that have rules. Things like mathematics, biology & language, to mention a few. They have structure and a set of principles that are true no matter what your background or personal belief. They make up the foundation of everyday reality.

It turns out that your dreams - those cherished aspirations and ambitions -  fall in this category of rules. Because no matter who you are, all dreams require one important thing and can’t come into being without it. 

It’s a truth so well known it’s commonly overlooked. 

No matter what your age, the goals you’ve set or the dreams you hold close to your heart can only happen if you take care of one little thing. 


And here’s where YardFood comes in.

Your body is the tool you use to create your life. Each bite of food you swallow becomes part of you. 

The part that makes your heart beat or your lungs breath. The part that connects the thoughts that zip around in your brain and ignite your passions. 

The part we call biology.

And guess what? Quality food is a requirement for happy biology. 

Put bad gas in your car’s tank and it will run rough and stop dead in its tracks. The same is true for you, too.  Literally.

Now to bring it home - a happy & healthy biology is essential for achieving  your deepest desires & dreams. 

Think about it.  In order to manifest your ideas about the world and the things you'd like to create and experience, you need a body to do it in.

A healthy one.  And you can’t be healthy if you're eating poor quality food.

Here’s a secret. 

You’re going to need to know the difference between good food and bad. Subscribe to YardFood and learn how to tell the difference.