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bare root FRUIT TREES

Order your trees today & PickUP & Pay on Saturday April 21

* All our bare root fruit trees are on semi-dwarf root stock. The perfect size for a backyard garden! 

Cost is $25 per tree


GALA - Crisp & sweet, this backyard favorite is a reliable producer. Great for eating fresh, pressing for cider or saucing. Nice storage. 

HONEYCRISP - Crunch, texture & excellent storage life give this apple a gold star. A late mid-season apple, skin molted red on straw background. Mildly aromatic, juicy flavor. Tree moderately vigorous with good winter hardiness.

WHITNEY CRAB- Small, sweet, edible crab apples. This tree produces a large harvest of red, golf ball-size apples that are perfect for canning, preserving, pickling, spicing and cider. Flesh is sweet, juicy and slightly yellow. Also produces beautiful pink and white blossoms in spring. 


SWEETHEART - a late season cherry with bright red outer skin and heart-like shape. The inner flesh of the Sweetheart cherry is very juicy with a firm texture. Self-fruitful & extremely productive.

STELLA - Sweet and productive. Also suitable for canning, freezing, and drying to enjoy later. Resists cracking. Developed in Summerland, British Columbia and introduced in 1968. Ripens in mid June. Self-pollinating.

RAINIER - This red blushed with yellow cherry bears heavy crops of sweet fruit.  Good pollinator for Bing variety. This tree requires a pollinator.

NORTH STAR- Pie cherry - This cold hardy sour cherry is the perfect size for the backyard landscape. Produces abundant crops of tart red cherries sought after for pie making! Self-fruitful.


EARLY ELBERTA - A cling-free variety, this is the ultimate canning peach! Plus a rich sweet flavor make it a yummy eating peach. Tree is productive & self-fruitful.

EARLY REDHAVEN - This early, very attractive peach is cold hardy with brilliant red, semi-clingstone fruit that is firm and yellow fleshed. The best fresh eating peach, also good for canning. Self-fruitful.


ITALIAN PRUNE - One of the finer prune-plum varieties and is a heavy bearer. It produces large, dark purple fruit that is good for both canning & drying. Self-fruitful.

SATSUMA -  Large fruit with dark, solid red skin and flesh. The firm, juicy fruit has an excellent sweet flavor, great for fresh eating, cooking, canning, or preserves. The fruit ripens in late July into August. Requires a pollinator.

SHIRO -  This tree produces a medium-size yellow plum that ripens early and is very juicy. The tree is hardy and very productive. Requires a pollinator


RIVAL - An early season apricot, Rival bears a medium-to-large fruit with an orange background color and a red blush. Rival requires cross pollination. Can be used as a pollinator for Goldrich and Perfection.

WENATCHEE MOORPARK - Bears large-sized fruit, yellow orange inside & out. Delicious! Good for drying & home canning. Tree is very productive and self-fruitful.

TILTON - An excellent variety for drying and canning with a distinctive flavor. The fruit is medium to small in size. The color is golden-yellow with a dark red blush. Self-fruitful, it is a good pollinator for other apricots.


FLAVORTOP - Medium to large size free-stone fruit. True nectarine flavor. Tree is vigorous & productive and self-fruitful.

RED GOLD - A very large fruit with glossy red and gold skin. The flesh is yellow with red around the pit. The tree is productive with fair hardiness. Self-fruitful.