grow your food with me

LIVE ONLINE Spring + Summer sessions with Tess Hoke


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how does this work?

You'll get access to my LIVE weekly lessons via your computer or phone.

I'll meet you in my garden, bring my 25+ years of experience and show you the EXACT steps I'm taking to grow my groceries.

Since the class happens in real time, you'll have a chance to ask your questions, get answers in the moment and apply what you learn to your own garden project.

Can't make the date? No problem. Class recordings are emailed to you!

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who's it for?

My LIVE 'Grow Food With Me' sessions are for anyone who want's to turn a backyard into a fresh food market.

If you're ready to dig in, get dirt under your fingernails and get real time access to a food growing expert - these sessions are for you!

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here's what you'll get:

- 4 weekly LIVE video lessons breaking the topic down into actionable steps PLUS a Q&A finish ($197 value)

- Recording of each LIVE video sent to your inbox to make it easy to review key tips

- 4 weekly worksheets to apply to each lesson for in depth learning ($97 value)

- Private Facebook Group with a supportive eat better more often attitude

- Access to LIVE feedback from a 'grow your food' expert with 25+ years experience ($97 value per week)

here's how we'll do it:


each week you'll get an email...

with the link to the live class + printable worksheet. Get ready for our session!


We'll dig into the topic in my backyard garden...

You'll see exactly how I'm growing - and get my tips to simplify + amplify your efforts.


ask your questions...

Ask your questions, pick my brain. We'll stay till we're done and your head is full of ideas to use in your own backyard.

No need for notes, you'll get a class recording sent to your inbox so you can review the content.


  • find follow-up + support in the Facebook group and become part of a growing community of real food believers


Frequently Asked Questions

  • how much time should I plan for each session

Each LIVE session + Q & A is approximately 1 hour long. I will stay until all questions are answered!

  • what if I can't attend the LIVE class?      

No problem. Each session will be recorded and sent to your inbox so you can watch it when your schedule permits. You can ask your questions then - and get a reply!

  • will there be class discussion? 

Yes! You'll get access to my private Facebook group where the discussion can continue!


Hi, I'm Tess

I'm a backyard gardener + real food believer on a mission to change the way we feed ourselves.

Through my garden shop + educational courses I've gathered nearly 25 years of experience. And taught hundreds of health minded gardeners how to simplify + amplify their food growing efforts.

I believe a green thumb isn't something we are born with - but rather a language we are taught. And the garden is a library waiting for us to read it's pages.

If you are serious about your health and ready to grow superior food - let me help you!

What are you waiting for? Join me for an online class and let's grow our food together!