why you should eat squash…


In the world of real food, winter squash is a superfood.

The kind of food that when swallowed actually does what vitamin pills only boast they will. 

Squash nourishes you.

So your brain can think. And your heart beat. And your lungs breath. And you can do the work of living your real life.

For all of the reasons you live it.

Winter squash (a family of vining hard skinned fruits that include the pumpkin) is easy to grow in your yard. Or find in the produce section of your local market.

Nutritionists will tell you that it's packed with a powerhouse of nutrients. And its yellow flesh guarantees you a good hit of carotenoids. Bottom line... eating it is a really good idea.

But all squash is not the same.

Non organic squash can have up to 64 chemicals used in its production.

That’s 9 known or probable carcinogens ( a cancer causing substance)

21 suspected hormone disruptors

9 neurotoxins (poison or disruptive to nerve tissues)

7 developmental or reproductive toxins

12 toxins deadly to honeybees.

But you can’t tell by looking at it.

It chops the same. And cooks the same. It may even taste the same.

But it’s not the same.

It pollutes your body. Your water. Your planet.

Good news? It's easy to choose squash grown without chemicals by buying organic.

Or better yet, learn to grow your own. A few plants tucked into growing spaces in spring can yield a harvest of many pounds. And that helps save a bundle at the grocery store.

But the best reason to grow winter squash?

Pie! Or anything else you can imagine!

NOTE: Make this recipe healthier by lowering the sugar & reducing the cream!

reasons to eat squash