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What is prediabetes and what does it have to do with microgreens?

Peek into the magic world of microgreens

Are you part of the 1 out of ever 3 who suffer from prediabetes? That’s a blood sugar condition where levels are consistently too high - and left unchanged CAN progress into full blown type 2 diabetes. A condition with no cure. 

Don't have prediabetes? Great! Stick with me and you won't get it. Because I'm eating my way to health and I'm taking you with me!

Most of us who fall in the prediabetes camp are surprised to learn we suffer from it - since there's usually no symptoms to suggest it. And the condition often comes to our attention from a routine blood test at the doctors office.

My own diagnosis came as such a surprise (perhaps like you) and I've been sorting the facts from fable ever since...should I eat less carbs, how about whole grains, what foods CAN I eat, do I have to eat like this forever???  

So I've decided to look at prediabetes as a kind of grace period - a point on the spectrum where there's still time to turn things around. Prediabetes can be reversed. But you've got to eat your way out of it! 

That's where microgreens come into the picture!

These tiny, flavorful & very nutritious seedlings are harvested just as their first true leaves emerge. Packed full of phytonutrients & energy they can be expensive to buy at the market but are SO easy to grow in your own windowsill.

They're considered by researchers + healthy care professionals to be a 'functional food' - one that promotes health and prevents disease. Definitely a good choice to put on your fork! 

Here's how I grow them at home....

#1  Order a Microgreens Grow Kit + Seeds from Botanical Interests or gather your own DIY materials.

#2  Follow instructions (see vid to learn how) and place in a sunny window to grow. A selection of Botanical Interests varieties have germination + grow times from 10-21 days and longer. Choose what works for your taste & timetable.

#3  Learn this quick tip for always having a supply of fresh microgreens at your fingertips - plant half your container to start, then seed the other half several days later. Staggering your planting times will assure a constant supply.

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