Growing your groceries is about more than food.

Its about a simple little truth. So common, in fact, its often overlooked.

Ready? Here it comes.

Your body is the tool you use to create your life.

I’ll bet you knew that. But it's easy to forget.

 And that’s where I come in.

If you’d like, I’ll make regular visits to your inbox and bring you the information & insights you need to grow your groceries.

And help you see why it matters.

You can come along with me when I step into my backyard to pick up a few things for dinner.  Or, you can follow me down the garden path and catch a glimpse of something more. 

And it’s the something more that is the real value.  Valuable to you, the life you live and everyone you love.


Over the years…

I’ve taught myself the value of real food. And created a simple system to grow food. Then I taught it to kids.  And won an award for the ‘most innovative program’ in our state's independent schools.  

When I opened my garden shop I introduced my customers to backyard edibles. And taught them what I know.

Now it’s your turn. 

Learn to use the magic of real food in your life. Subscribe to YardFood and claim your seat at my table. I'll look forward to seeing you there!

A little bit of praise...

"You've been such a part of our lives here on the farm...I planted potatoes for the first time and didn't know what to do about harvest. My daughter got right down in the dirt and showed me all she'd learned from you over the years. She harvested, cleaned and stored them beautifully!  She's also been busy making juice and fresh sorbets with our newly acquired juicer - again, she refers to your lessons with joy and a sense of knowledge that allows her to accomplish some pretty cool things!

For all of that, and so much more....thank you!

-Deb Jones-Schüler